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The MOFET Institute was established in 1983 in order to serve as an intercollegiate professional meeting-place for teacher educators. (For additional information, click here.)

MOFET JTEC (Jewish Teacher Education Community) is a MOFET Institute initiative developed with the aim of developing a community of Jewish education teacher educators around the world. This community will work as part of a general international community of teacher educators established by The MOFET Institute - (MOFET ITEC - International Teacher Education Community).

The Jewish teacher education community will deal with topics and issues common to all or unique to Jewish education in different communities. Its members will share knowledge about programs and processes and initiate projects to further Jewish education. The framework will allow for continuous contact, virtual as well as face to face, for discussion, study, research and writing of educational programs, between Jewish education educators from different Jewish educational institutions on an individual or institutional basis. (For additional information, click here.)
About the MOFET JTEC Content Portal

The objective of the international JTEC content portal in Jewish education is to improve the flow of pedagogical knowledge and research in Jewish education by helping teacher educators, teachers, researchers, and other stakeholders keep abreast of the wealth of publications in the field.

The portal's uniqueness results from the coordinated processes of collecting, filtering, processing and distributing relevant research and non-research papers and other resources on Jewish formal and informal education and teacher education within one integrative clearinghouse using defined categories and key words.

Portal users are invited to make use of the site's online response system to interactively share their knowledge and insights about the portal's contents with other users.
Editorial Policy

The abstracts of the latest papers, research studies and articles published in the world's leading journals and periodicals in the field of Jewish education (such as The Journal of Jewish Education) and monographs published by major research bodies are collected in one database in the MOFET JTEC Content Portal.

A survey of the material is conducted systematically and the selected items undergo processing and adaptation to a uniform online platform in accordance with defined categories and key words.

The portal will ultimately contain entries on organizations dealing with Jewish education, online educational resources and information about upcoming conferences around the world.

The MOFET Institute respects the authors' and researchers' copyrights and will provide links to complete papers only if the latter have been published on the internet or if explicit permission to publish them has been granted.

For full-text papers, readers are requested to avail themselves of academic libraries and online databases.
Editorial Board
Dr. Michal Golan – The MOFET Institute, Israel
Dr. Sara Ziv – The MOFET Institute, Israel
Reuven Werber – The MOFET Institute, Israel
Staff Members
Content and Pedagogical Editor
Academic Portals Coordinator
Information Specialist
Web Designer
Reuven Werber
Penny Barsimantov
Netta Ben Shitrit
David Treves and Desmond Beazley
Emil Shenkerman
Contact Us
Researchers and teacher educators who wish to draw our attention to material that is relevant to the JTEC Content Portal or to comment on its contents are invited to write to us. We will be happy to relate to every comment or query at the following email address: