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Hebrew Jokes - Learn Hebrew and Laugh
2012   |   Type: Link

Source: Hebrew Jokes 


Jacob Richman has launched another Hebrew language learning resource: Hebrew Jokes - Learn Hebrew and Laugh. Reading jokes in Hebrew can be a fun activity in an ulpan or Hebrew Even native Hebrew speakers will find jokes on the site that are worth telling their friends. The site currently contains over 60 jokes in Hebrew with Nikud, with an English translation of the joke available. The jokes are suitable for all ages.


The bilingual menus allow browsing through the jokes, choosing a specific topic or viewing jokes randomly. The system, also, has a joke basket where favorite jokes can be stored.

Comments (2):
December 13, 2012     Nini Berger (Moriah School) wrote:
I teach Ivrit/ Safa in Middle School and would love apps and resources for the Smartboard and IPads.
kol tuv
November 24, 2012     JTEC team (MOFET) wrote:
Dina, you are on our mailing list. Thank you

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