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EdJewTopia: Teaching Tzedakah
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December 2012   |   Type: Abstract

Source: EdJewTopia


At this time of the year, non-profit professionals are working on raising funds and many of us are thinking about how to give our final contributions of the year. As we sort through the solicitation emails and letters, EdJewTopia brings you three articles (and some great tools!) that suggest how to teach the motivation to give and the capability to give wisely.


It is a commonplace that tzedakah is a core Jewish value, and teaching it in a way that will lead to action on the part of the students can be a challenge. All three of our contributions this month share an emphasis on the importance of combining learning about tzedakah with doing tzedakah: Rabbi Jill Jacobs explains her perspective on teaching tzedakah and social justice as a holistic system; Sarah Mulhern shares the lessons she learned from working on AJWS's new curriculum; and Stefanie Zelkind explains the theory and practice of youth philanthropy.

JChoice Causes Directory - Resource for young people to discover charitable causes matching their interests.

Just Action lesson plans - Originally developed for Panim's Jewish Civics Inititative.

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