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Influx of Ipads Adds to High-Tech Trend in New Jersey Day Schools
February 15 , 2013    |   Type: Abstract

Source: New Jersey Jewish Standard


Larry Yudelson writes about a technology revolution taking place in New Jersey day schools thanks to a donation of about 500 iPads to three schools, equipping their entire sixth or ninth grades. Dan Fried, a local chemist, has jumpstarted technology in Bergen County classrooms by funding iPads for students in three Paramus yeshivot — elementary schools Yeshivat Noam and Yavneh Academy, and a high school, the Frisch School.


For some, this promises a more student-centered educational system, one that will let students better find their own place in their studies.


For others, the hope is that more computers in the classroom will translate into fewer teachers — and lower tuition bills.


Fried intends to do it again next year. He wants to provide iPads to the schools’ new sixth and ninth graders while this year’s recipients continue to use them in seventh and tenth grades.


Yudelson's article describes some of the ways the schools technology coordinators have been changing the way students study Jewish and secular studies using iPads, interactive whiteboards, distance videoconferencing and even students' mobile phones.

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