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EdJewtopia: Teaching Hebrew Language Today
Author: . EdJewTopia
February 2013   |   Type: Abstract

Source: EdJewTopia: February, 2013


Hebrew continues to be a crucial element of Jewish education in complementary settings. It connects our students to Israel, to our tradition's core texts and liturgy, and to Jews around the world. Most of our institutions are even referred to as Hebrew schools! At the same time, Hebrew language teaching is facing new challenges, whether in the form of reduced school hours, or struggling to incorporate it into a new model that stresses experiences, personal connection and fun. And Jewish educators are rising to the challenge.


This month's EdJewTopia brings you articles by three educators on Hebrew language education in today's complementary settings. Nachama Moskowitz presents Hebrew Through Movement, one piece of her system that turns the way we have traditionally taught Hebrew language on its head; Elliot Vasirub Glassenberg issues a clarion call for non-Israeli Jewish educators to step up their own Hebrew skills if we'd like to see the same from our students; and Michelle Konigsburg shares what can happen if your students are already learning Hebrew outside of complementary school!


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