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Israel in Camera: 65 Years of Israeli History from the Haaretz Photo Archive
Author: . Haaretz
2013   |   Type: Link

Source: Israel in Camera


Haaretz has published an online supplement “Israel in Camera”. It is a collection of 100 pictures that not only record some of the many memorable moments of Israel’s 65 years, but also recreate them, in ways that only a good photo can.

Haaretz invites the public for a trip down memory lane, on a journey of 100 pictures that goes from the way we were, through the things that we are, to the road signs of where we are going. This is our Israel: from the miraculous to the mundane, from the religious to the profane, from the truly inspiring to the deeply troubling, from the ridiculous to the sublime. This is Israel, seen through the discerning eyes of Haaretz photographers, sometimes in the thick of things, often far from the beaten track, portraits of main protagonists but also of ordinary people, caught in the whirlwind of history.

It is an inspiring but disturbing voyage, truly unlike any other. This is the Israel that Haaretz covers, cherishes, criticizes and often castigates, uniquely dedicated as it is to an unvarnished truth that is making of a true newspaper and the underpinning of a real democracy. These are our moments in time, Israel through our cameras, before your very eyes.

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