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Ravsak Head of School Professional Excellence Project
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Section: In-Service Training
Ravsak Head of School Professional Excellence Project
2013   |   Type: Link

Source: Ravsak


The Head of School Professional Excellence Project (PEP) program matches highly successful and experienced Jewish day school leaders (called Deans) with newly minted, wonderfully talented and highly motivated Jewish day school heads (called Fellows) for a year of one-on-one coaching and mentoring. The PEP program has the dual outcomes of preserving for the field the accumulated wisdom of some of the greatest Jewish educational leaders and of empowering, strengthening, and enriching the next generation of outstanding leaders.


Program Goals:

  • Help the HOS master the culture and behaviors of excellent leadership specific to a Jewish day school setting;

  • Improve the lay leader/professional leader divide that troubles many schools by creating a spirit of collaboration and common goals;

  • Help the HOS lead in a Jewish way by assisting him or her to craft a model of Jewish leadership most germane to the school community;

  • Diminish the sense of isolation that can be part of the HOS experience.

The program is underwritten through generous funding of the AVI CHAI Foundation, the Ben and Esther Rosenbloom Foundation and an anonymous donor.

See the PEP web page for more information.

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