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Section: Trends in Jewish Education
An Emergent Research Agenda for the Field of Jewish Education
July 2007   |   Type: Abstract

Source: Journal of Jewish Education, Volume 73, Issue 3 September 2007 , pages 279 - 291


This article provides a qualitative analysis of the chapters of the forthcoming What We NOW Know About Jewish Education (to be published by Torah Aura, Spring 2008). The findings of this analysis outline an agenda for further research by highlighting a number of emergent themes pertaining to the practical and conceptual challenges that lie ahead.


These themes include:


  • need for ongoing commitment to research and evaluation;
  • Incorporating research and theory from other arenas serves as a means to inform Jewish educational research;
  • recognition of the diversity of Jewish educational contexts; 
  • continuing to address the broader purposes of Jewish education; 
  • and conceptualizing research as a collaborative effort.
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