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MOFET Institute Committee to Address ‘Future Intelligence’ in Education
March 9, 2014    |   Type: Abstract

Source: Jerusalem Post


A think tank, Education in a Renewing World - Future Intelligence, established by the MOFET Institute – an Education Ministry funded, non-profit organization that works on research and development of programs in teacher education, convened on last Sunday for their first meeting. The committee comprised of education and futurology experts, hosted Knesset Member, Amram Mitzna, Chairman of the Knesset Education, Culture and Sports Committee at their first meeting. This committee has been tasked with addressing the issue of evolution in education in light of constant breakthroughs in technology, medicine and the humanities that are achieved every day.


The committee is headed by retired judge Shlomo Shoham, former head of the Knesset Commission for Future Generations and founder of the Sustainable Global Leadership Academy (SGLA).

The committee was tasked with formulating a practical plan for the implementation of “future intelligence” into the educational system and will present its findings to Education Minister Shai Piron.


The committee’s plan will draw upon the experience and contributions of each of the 10-12 team members, on the doctrines of the SGLA and on the principles of Shoham’s book, “Future Intelligence,” which calls upon the leaders and decision-makers to cast aside short-term goals and political survival tactics and adopt a long-term vision to better the future of humanity.


Among the team members are: Prof. Alean Al-Krenawi, president of Achva Academic College; Prof. Zipi Libman, president of the Kibbutzim College of Education; futurologist Prof. David Passig, Prof. Ran Margolin; former Welfare minister Zevulun Orlev, former Arab-Israeli MK Nadia Hilou; rabbis Yuval Cherlow and Yehezkel Fogel, Moshe Horev, CEO of Oracle Israel and others.


The think tank intends to meet five times in the coming year prior to making its recommendations.


Read more at the Jerusalem Post.

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