MOFET JTEC - MOFET Online Academy Opens Registration for the Upcoming Fall, 2014 Semester

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MOFET Online Academy Opens Registration for the Upcoming Fall, 2014 Semester
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Source: MOFET International


The MOFET Institute's Online Academy for Teachers has opened registration for the Fall, 2014 semester of online courses which will begin on October 26, 2014. The array of courses offered touches upon the fields of Integrating Technology into Education, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL), Teaching Jewish Studies, and Teaching Hebrew as a Foreign Language. Several courses will be conducted in Spanish.


Each course is spread over 14 weeks, mostly set on an a-synchronic platform (Moodle). This enables the use of a forum, interpersonal communication with the lecturer and fellow students, and the submission of assignments. 2–3 real-time synchronic sessions, conducted at a time coordinated with the students, will take place via a robust online platform and will allow the participants to present and discuss the learning material.


The price of a single course is $250. Upon completion of each course, students are granted a graduation certificate specifying the study subjects.


The price of a full program is $1,400. Upon successful completion of eight courses – six mandatory courses plus two enrichment courses – students are eligible to receive a specialization certificate in the didactics of teaching the domain of study, from The MOFET Institute's Online Academy.


Educational institutions and other organized groups may be eligible for tuition subsidies!


Two new courses are being offered this semester:

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