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Planning Grant for Hebrew Language Education
November 15, 2017   |   Type: Link

Source: CASJE 


CASJE is undertaking a planning process to explore questions with greatest promise for helping to build the Hebrew language education field. This planning process supported by The Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life, The AVI CHAI Foundation, and  Jim Joseph Foundation builds on CASJE’s previously commissioned reviews of research that can inform the teaching and learning of Hebrew.

The Steinhardt Foundation is deeply committed to the field of Hebrew language learning and teaching. We are especially pleased that The AVI CHAI Foundation and Jim Joseph Foundation are joining us to determine key components of a program of research in this field. Our hope is to develop a robust program centered on questions whose answers would significantly impact both practitioners and learners of Hebrew, and would further advance the entire Hebrew language education field.

Learn more about CASJE's research efforts in Hebrew Language Education.

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