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Two Schools in Argentina Provide Model for Jewish Education
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Section: Formal Education
Two Schools in Argentina Provide Model for Jewish Education
August 27, 2009    |   Type: Link

Source: JTA


The ORT Belgrano and Almagro schools are large Jewish technical junior high and high schools in Buenos Aires providing state of the art science and technological education along with a mandatory Jewish studies curriculum. The high academic level of the schools attracts many students who otherwise might not have experienced a Jewish education. These pluralistic, Jewish institutions whose attractiveness lies in the extraordinary academic opportunities they provide could serve as a model for making Jewish education appealing to unengaged Jewish families in other communities.


The schools, whose student population is mostly but not exclusively Jewish, learn by participating in many interactive educational projects, getting hands-on experience in solving problems and creating solutions. The schools offer an advanced music recording studio, radio station, TV studio, computer engineering facilities, industrial design rooms, software labs and an online virtual campus.


Students also enjoy studying history, literature and English interactively as well as mandatory courses in Bible, Hebrew, Jewish history and Jewish culture.


Most of the students are from Jewish homes, some even Orthodox. However, the schools' high academic standing also attracts non – Jewish students, some even the children of government ministers.

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