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Mikranet - Hebrew Bible Education Resource
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2010   |   Type: Link
Source: Mikranet   
Mikranet is a rich online Hebrew language resource for the teaching of Bible in Israeli State "mamlachti" schools. Mikranet is developed by the Center for Educational Technology, Snunit and Gesher, three major independent educational organizations, with funding from the Avi Chai Foundation.
Designed to comply with the Israel Ministry of Education's new Bible guidelines, Mikranet comprises: on-line access to the Bible, modern and classical commentaries, Mishna, Talmud, and Midrash; a large database from multiple disciplines to support Bible teaching including art and video; web-based teaching materials; and an on-line Teacher Center for information exchange and assistance.
Mikranet is also affiliated with the General Inspector of Bible Studies for "mamlachti" schools, serving as a vehicle for communication between the community of Bible teachers and the Ministry of education, regarding, curricula, lesson plans, matriculation exams, professional development, etc.
The Mikranet site also provides a rich selection of learning activities and resources for elementary and upper level students, including digital activities, quizzes, videos, blogs, question forums, lexicon, atlas, biblical art directory and much more.
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December 18, 2013     Fatima wrote:
Why don't you have commentary in english transliteration of the Torah ?
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