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1   |   From section Learning Resources
National Library of Israel Book of Genesis (Bereshit) Resource Pack
In 2016-7 (5777), Shosh Hill, from the Kerem Primary school in London, together with the NLI team, created weekly Parashat Hashavua newsletters featuring primary sources from the National Library and many creative ideas for primary school students and their families. The Genesis (Bereshit) resource pack presents resources from throughout modern Jewish history that can be connected to the first book of the Torah. This book covers the time period from the creation of the world until the Jewish people – numbering just 70 – descended to Egypt.
Publication Year: 2017    |    Updated in JTEC: October 25, 2017
2   |   From section Learning Resources
NEW - National Library of Israel Shabbat Resource Pack
One of the main values of the Jewish people is the day of rest - Shabbat.Throughout the generations and around the world, we have kept and marked this special day in many different ways: religious traditions, family time, culture and resting from the busy week.The National Library of Israel’s latest Shabbat resource pack includes a door sign written by a Nobel Laureate, an election poster protesting the lack of public transport on Shabbat, and a picture of an 18th century German Jewish woman lighting the Shabbat candles, giving a glimpse of the different aspects of Shabbat.
Publication Year: 2017    |    Updated in JTEC: September 6, 2017
3   |   From section Conferences & Events
Center for Judaic Studies Seminar in Hebrew Pedagogy
The 2017 (October 20-22) Seminar in Hebrew Pedagogy of the University of Denver & Middlebury Language Schools is a weekend seminar on topics in Hebrew language pedagogy, featuring national scholars from a variety of specializations. The seminar’s theme this year is The Hebrew Lesson Plan: Maximizing Acquisition and Culture-Based Pedagogy. Some hands-on workshops/small groups’ work are planned during the seminar. Depending on the number of registrants and the age groups they teach, the presentations and the workshops will be tailored to address varied needs. As in past seminars, the objective of the seminar is to provide you with practical tools that can be applied to and incorporated into the classroom following the seminar.
Publication Year: 2017    |    Updated in JTEC: September 5, 2017
4   |   From section Learning Resources
Lehavin U’lehaskil: A Curriculum That Trains our Students to Become Independent Readers of Tanach
A comprehensive program called Lehavin U’Lehaskil (To Understand and Discern) has been developed to help students gain a mastery of the Hebrew Tanach text. It focuses on providing teachers a systematic approach to teach our students how to learn Tanach independently in the original Hebrew text. It empowers children by teaching them the skills needed to become confident, independent learners of Tanach, through decoding and translating words, phrases and verses from the Biblical text. This curriculum provides standards and assessments, and a clear, organized, systematic approach to teach the children skills, high frequency words and sharashim (verb roots). Workbooks, Teacher Editions, digital versions, and various manipulatives are used to slowly teach – step by step – all the skills needed so that all children – on any level – can achieve mastery of the language of Tanach.
Publication Year: 2017    |    Updated in JTEC: September 5, 2017
5   |   From section Learning Resources
Education with NLI (National Library of Israel)
Education with NLI (National Library of Israel) is a core project of Gesher L'Europa, a joint initiative of the National Library of Israel and the Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe. The National Library of Israel houses millions of cultural and traditional treasures that should be shared with educators and learners throughout the Jewish world.
Publication Year: 2017    |    Updated in JTEC: July 17, 2017
6   |   From section Learning Resources
Standing Up to Hatred and Intolerance Resources
Across the globe, individuals and societies are confronting profound questions about identity, membership, and living with difference. This collection provides structured activities for making connections to current events and discussing sensitive topics in a safe and reflective classroom. The lessons examine examples of division and intolerance, as well as powerful cases of individuals and communities working together and standing up to hate.
Publication Year: 2017    |    Updated in JTEC: March 7, 2017
7   |   From section Learning Resources
A Sephardi Chanukah Resource Guide
Happy Chanukah! This is a resource guide for Jewish educators interested in enriching their classrooms with the beauty and depth of Sephardi and Mizrachi Culture. Here you will find texts, lesson plans, stories and recipes that can be used in formal and informal educational frameworks, from day schools to religious schools and everything in between. All educational materials include traditions, commentaries and customs of Sephardi and Mizrachi Jews for the Chanukah Holiday.
Publication Year: 2016    |    Updated in JTEC: December 19, 2016
8   |   From section Learning Resources
Educators Can Access Resources on Modern Jewish Culture on a New Website - The Great Jewish Books Teacher Resources
Educators interested in teaching about modern Jewish literature and culture can access multimedia teaching materials, free of charge, on a new website, The Great Jewish Books Teacher Resources, a project of the Yiddish Book Center, in Amherst, Massachusetts. The website is home to a growing collection of resource kits focused on various aspects of modern Jewish culture, designed for use by secondary, college, and adult-education teachers. One kit, for instance, considers how Jews were represented onscreen in the early days of cinema, while another explores the cheder, the first educational experience for young boys in the shtetls of Eastern Europe. Others look at specific works of literature, from Isaac Bashevis Singer’s famed story “Gimpel the Fool” to Sholem Aleichem’s beloved Tevye the Dairyman character (the basis for Fiddler on the Roof). More kits will be added in the coming months.
Publication Year: 2016    |    Updated in JTEC: November 30, 2016
9   |   From section Learning Resources
Educational Resources for Rosh HaShana 2016
Jacob Richman has posted on his website 70 links to materials about Rosh Hashana, ranging from laws and customs to games and recipes, as well as RH greeting cards, in English, Hebrew, French, German, Italian, Portugese, Russian and Spanish. The site also contains a Rosh HaShana Photo Gallery with a rich selection.
Publication Year: 2016    |    Updated in JTEC: September 13, 2016
10   |   From section Learning Resources
NewCAJE Tishrei Resource Book
Author . NewCAJE
At NewCAJE 7 in Naperville, Illinois, two workshop blocks were devoted to the teaching of the Tishrei holidays with more of an emphasis on Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur than on Sukkot. The calendar often gives educators an opportunity to teach Sukkot during the holiday, if not before it, but the High Holidays often are not taught or taught sparsely, and usually not systematically. This year, we are most fortunate that the High Holidays come much later in the fall — beginning as they do at the very beginning of October. NewCAJE wants to make available to you all of the workshops from the two workshop blocks and their content. The presenters were asked to write up their workshops so that someone who did not attend their session also could benefit from them. They were asked to include full stories, links to music, etc., so that everything here would be available to you and easy to access for your teaching.
Publication Year: 2016    |    Updated in JTEC: August 31, 2016
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