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1   |   From section Technology & Computers
Parenting: From Tamagotchi to Social Media
In my opinion, parenting in the age of technology and social media requires the same basic moral stance that parenting in the age of TV required – the same as parenting in the age of artificial intelligence will require. I believe it starts with asking. “What makes sense, for what purpose, and what kind of kids do we want as a result?” I think 3 basic ideas still stand for parenting in the age of technology.
Publication Year: 2017    |    Updated in JTEC: June 14, 2017
2   |   From section Israel Education
‘I Wish They Had Birthright for Adults!’: The Effect of Birthright Israel on Jewish Parents’ Interest in Visiting Israel
This study assesses the impact of the Taglit-Birthright Israel travel program on parents of participants—in particular, on the ways in which parents’ indirect exposure to their adult children’s experiences in the program affect those parents’ connections to Israel. Birthright Israel is a large-scale, successful, educational travel program that provides a gift of 10-day trips to Israel to Jewish young adults. A substantial body of research has demonstrated the effectiveness of Birthright Israel in strengthening the Jewish identity of young diaspora Jews. Anecdotal evidence suggests that participants whose interest in Israel is enhanced by their Birthright Israel experience share what they have learned with their parents, and that this results in an increase in Israel interest for the parents.
Publication Year: 2017    |    Updated in JTEC: June 6, 2017
3   |   From section Formal Education
The Parent Perspective: Disabilities and Jewish Day Schools
The following study describes the experiences of parents with a child with a disability in Jewish day schools. The findings suggest marked differences in the experiences of parents whose child was able to remain in the day school and those who left as a result of their child’s disability. In the latter group, the themes of loneliness and marginalization were common. Although parents hoped to feel included in the Jewish community—with Jewish day school an important expression of this desire and commitment—many found few appropriate programs and services and a general lack of awareness of and sensitivity to disability issues in the Jewish community.
Publication Year: 2017    |    Updated in JTEC: March 15, 2017
4   |   From section Israel Education
The Good, The Bad and the Fantastic: 65 Surprising Things about Parenting in Israel
Hannah Katsman, Israeli social blogger, in honor of Israel’s 65th anniversary, asked immigrant parents to share their experiences — whether exasperating or inspiring — about raising children in our wonderful country. Here is the list.
Publication Year: 2013    |    Updated in JTEC: May 26, 2013
5   |   From section Education & Administration
Forms and Patterns of Parent Participation at a Jewish and Catholic School
In this paper, Renee Rubin Ross focuses on stakeholder patterns of participation. She suggests that, given that all schools solicit parent participation, an important question to explore is whether and how this varies by school. She draws on observation and interviews with parents, teachers, and administrators at a Jewish day school and Catholic school to identify forms and patterns of participation. She found that communicating and volunteering were similar at each, but parents at the Jewish school were involved in decision making and governance whereas parents at the Catholic school were not. This variation may be explained by the history and culture of each as well as trade-offs that parents make in choosing a particular school.
Publication Year: 2012    |    Updated in JTEC: March 20, 2012
6   |   From section Learning Resources
Kveller – A Website with a Jewish Twist on Parenting is the first and only Jewish parenting website aimed at parents from across the Jewish religious spectrum, with special attention paid to interfaith families and the less-affiliated. From its popular Jewish Baby Name Bank to its prolific bloggers, Kveller has content reflecting all types of Jewish families: observant, interfaith, queer, divorced and more. It also connects parents to local organizations and events, including piloting online communities with calendars of events and lists of resources, as well as local Facebook groups.
Publication Year: 2011    |    Updated in JTEC: April 12, 2011
7   |   From section Trends in Jewish Education
Jewish Education and Family Priorities
In a recent blog post on the blog of the Office of High School Programs at Brandeis University, Dvora Goodman, director of Genesis at Brandeis University, issued a call to both Jewish educators and parents to work together to make it clear to Jewish youth that Jewish education is a number one priority.
Publication Year: 2009    |    Updated in JTEC: February 14, 2012