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1   |   From section Technology & Computers
Eight Digital Tools for Students to Create Original Purim Shpiel Videos
Today it’s common for synagogues, Jewish schools, and other institutions to each put on their own Purim shpiel, and though these are always enjoyable to watch, there’s usually a limited number of people who get to actively participate. This year, ensure that every one of your students gets to be a part of this fun tradition as a producer, not only an audience member, by giving them the digital tools to create their own original Purim shpiel videos! In addition to having fun, they’ll be learning important media creation skills that are vital to succeeding in today’s world. Read below to find the tool that’s right for your classroom.
Publication Year: 2016    |    Updated in JTEC: February 13, 2017
2   |   From section Learning Resources
Purim Resources by The Lookstein Center and Ner LeElef
This Purim resource page includes almost everything you need to know about Purim: background information for the teacher, vocabulary, educational themes, activities, lesson plans, plays, and articles
Publication Year: 2016    |    Updated in JTEC: March 7, 2016
3   |   From section Learning Resources
The National Library of Israel's Purim Resource Pack
Purim is an exciting and colorful festival, as are the primary sources that give evidence to the different aspects of the day. This resource pack prepared by the National Library of Israel contains a wonderful Megillah that was read in the seventeenth century, photographs of children and even a street in fancy dress, a Purim plate used for Mishloah Manot (gifts of food to friends and family), and posters advertising Purim balls and contests. It also includes a video clip and activity suggestions.
Publication Year: 2016    |    Updated in JTEC: March 6, 2016
4   |   From section Learning Resources
Torah Live Illustrates Megillat Esther for You
Megillat Esther is a fascinating story, which lends itself to creative illustration. Walk into any bookstore and you can find many different illustrated Megillahs, with images ranging from serious to comical. Torah Live has taken that idea one step further and created a digital illustrated Megillah, which is an excellent tool for teaching the story of Purim to students of all ages. Showing a picture on a big screen while you talk about a specific verse will help focus the students and keep them interested.
Publication Year: 2016    |    Updated in JTEC: October 16, 2017
5   |   From section Informal Education
First Sign Language Megila Reading Takes Place in Tel Aviv
The Israeli Institute for the Advancement of the Deaf and the national-religious rabbinic association Tzohar joined together on Purim to hold for the first time a sign-language megila reading for the deaf and hard of hearing. More than 600 people turned up to the Tel Aviv International Synagogue on Saturday night for the unique reading of the Book of Esther, one of the central customs of Purim.
Publication Year: 2013    |    Updated in JTEC: March 5, 2013
6   |   From section Conferences & Events
Jewish Schools TeachMeet - Teaching Purim in Primary Schools
A new initiative to support Jewish Studies Teachers in London is being undertaken on January 30, 2013 between 20:00 – 21:20. This will follow the TeachMeet format and include time for discussion. This session will focus on "Teaching Purim in Primary Schools".
Publication Year: 2013    |    Updated in JTEC: January 1, 2013