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Last update in this section: April 26, 2017
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The latest papers and research studies published in the world's leading academic journals in the field of teacher education.
Trends in Jewish Education
New Project Will Explore How Jewish Early Childhood Education Can be a Gateway for Ongoing Involvement in Jewish Life
CASJE, the Consortium for Applied Studies in Jewish Education, has announced the next steps in its long-term research project to explore how Jewish early childhood education (ECE) can serve as a gateway for deeper and more sustained involvement in Jewish life. While broadly conceived, the study will include a focus on ways that ECE institutions can better engage interfaith families and families that are not currently involved in a synagogue or other Jewish institution.
Publication Year: 2017    |    Updated in JTEC: April 26, 2017
Gleanings: A Dialogue on Jewish Education
What do we hope to achieve from Jewish education? If we no longer view the ultimate goal of Jewish education as reducing intermarriage, then what are our desired outcomes? How does the dialogue about goals and outcomes play out in our multiple Jewish educational settings and in the relationship with the philanthropists who support Jewish education? In this issue of Gleanings, the ejournal of the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education of The Jewish Theological Seminary, we seek answers to these important questions.
Publication Year: Spring 2017    |    Updated in JTEC: April 24, 2017
Can Playing with Junk Lead to Creativity and Innovation?
Instead of toys, kindergartens across Israel often furnish their play areas with junk in an effort to help children test their abilities, learn to cooperate, and be creative.
Publication Year: March 20, 2017     |    Updated in JTEC: April 24, 2017
Creating a Pedagogical Vision for Tanakh Education
This spring, the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education at Brandeis University will bring together a group of scholars and practitioners of elementary Tanakh education and the broader field of literacy education to begin formulating a pedagogical vision for Tanakh education. Over the course of two days, in dialogue with renowned literacy scholar Claude Goldenberg, we will ask, “How do we help students become independent readers of Tanakh? What instructional practices and pedagogies best promote these various facets of reading comprehension?” Beginning this conversation is an important next step to building a unified educational culture across the landscape of North American day schools. While the roster for this small conference is now fixed, we look forward to sharing the insights of this conference with the larger community.
Publication Year: March 24, 2017     |    Updated in JTEC: April 19, 2017
HaYidion - Prizmah's Journal of Jewish Education: Jewish Inspiration
We thought it worthwhile to devote an issue of HaYidion to understand the concept of inspiration, to address it from multiple perspectives and to articulate some of the questions and challenges surrounding it. What is inspiration? Can it be transmitted, and if so, how? What methods best align with the goal of inspiring students? Where do day schools succeed, and where do they struggle? How do teachers, curricula, school activities accomplish it?
Publication Year: Spring, 2017    |    Updated in JTEC: April 19, 2017
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