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Last update in this section: June 14, 2017
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Technology & Computers
Parenting: From Tamagotchi to Social Media
In my opinion, parenting in the age of technology and social media requires the same basic moral stance that parenting in the age of TV required – the same as parenting in the age of artificial intelligence will require. I believe it starts with asking. “What makes sense, for what purpose, and what kind of kids do we want as a result?” I think 3 basic ideas still stand for parenting in the age of technology.
Publication Year: June 4, 2017     |    Updated in JTEC: June 14, 2017
Teens Studying Technology Teach Holocaust Survivors to Surf the Internet
Nearly 700 Israeli teens studying in science and technology schools in Israel are teaching Holocaust survivors to use computers and the internet. The students meet weekly in pairs with survivors in 22 cities across Israel through a program called Mechubarim, which means connected.
Publication Year: April 27, 2017    |    Updated in JTEC: May 23, 2017
Teenage Peer-To-Peer Knowledge Sharing through Social Network Sites in Secondary Schools
The promise of social network technology for learning purposes has been heavily debated, with proponents highlighting its transformative and opponents its distracting potential. However, little is known about the actual, everyday use of ubiquitous social network sites for learning and study purposes in secondary schools. In the present work, we present findings from two survey studies on representative samples of Israeli, Hebrew-speaking teenagers (N1 = 206 and N2 = 515) which explored the scope, characteristics and reasons behind such activities.
Publication Year: 2017    |    Updated in JTEC: May 22, 2017
Matriculation Without Exams
In the near future, Israeli students will receive a matriculation certificate without a matriculation test. Presently this applies to three subjects - history, Bible and literature - the revolutionary process is designed to encourage deep experiential learning rather than memorization of material. Instead of taking matriculation exams, students will perform various tasks throughout the year on the computer, at home and in class with close supervision of their teachers. The final grade will be made up of the grades given to the various assignments and will appear on the matriculation certificate.
Publication Year: April 2, 2017     |    Updated in JTEC: April 19, 2017
How Google Translate is Making Learning English Fun in Israel
Using neural machine translation, we’ve just updated Hebrew and Arabic languages on Google Translate. But what you can’t see on the surface is that these translations also improved thanks to students across Israel. As English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students used the Google Translate Community platform to learn and practice their English, they actually improved translations for everyone in the process.
Publication Year: March 30, 2017     |    Updated in JTEC: April 19, 2017
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