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Last update in this section: November 23, 2016
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Adult Education
Special in Uniform
In 2014, I left the army and joined Lt. Col Ariel Almog and, together with the Yad Layeled organization (and in partnership with JNF-USA), we founded the “Special in Uniform” program. The program integrates thousands of young people with disabilities into the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and, in turn, into Israeli society. We see the inclusion of people with disabilities in the army as a way to help usher them into a self-sufficient life once they are discharged from the army. Our belief is that everyone belongs and has the right to reach his or her full potential. Special in Uniform focuses on the unique talents of each individual participant to help each one find a job that is a perfect fit for the individual’s skills within the IDF. The attention is on the ability, not the disability, of each individual, encouraging independence and integration into society.
Publication Year: November 15, 2016    |    Updated in JTEC: November 23, 2016
The Characteristics and Practices of Long-term Adult Jewish Learners: New Perspectives on the Dynamics of an Adult Classroom
Within the larger domain of adult Jewish learners there is a smaller cohort that continues to study regularly over the course of many years. They have stayed motivated to learn until a point where the study itself becomes part of their lives and regular practice. As a result of their experience these long-term learners have a tremendous amount to say about what makes the learning important to them, how it took hold, and how it affects their lives. This dissertation is a qualitative study of these learners, drawing from their reflections to portray their day-to-day experiences in the classroom.
Publication Year: 2016    |    Updated in JTEC: November 9, 2016
Understanding Chabad’s Success with Millennials
A recent survey conducted by the Jewish Federation of Miami, found that in 2014 about one in four Jewish households in the Miami area participated in Chabad-Lubavitch programming. But truly groundbreaking was the breakdown by age group: 36 percent of families ages 35-47 and nearly half (47 percent) of families age 35 and younger engaged with Chabad programs. Over the past ten years, 71 Chabad shluchim (emissary couples or families) have established communities around the world catering exclusively to young adults (ages 25-39); of those, 55 have been established just in the past two years. Data collected from just 25 of these locations, over the past 12 months, has so far revealed impressive statistics: 108 Jewish weddings, 408 Jewish holiday and Shabbat experiences with more than 24,000 attendees, over 5000 Torah classes and discussions.
Publication Year: June 8, 2016    |    Updated in JTEC: July 6, 2016
Camp Nai Nai Nai: Jewish Summer Camp for Adults
Shrug off the “shoulds” of your grown up life and come back to a place where what you do for a living doesn’t define who you are, or how you live. A place where you’re never on your own, where play is important and a mid-day nap might just be the best way to spend the afternoon. Come back to the curious and courageous days of childhood. When every day held the mysteries of new friends, fantastic discoveries and audacious adventures. When we played with reckless abandon that left us with skinned knees that were always worth it. Come to Camp Nai Nai Nai, Waynesboro, PA -September 2nd – 5th, 2016, and be a kid again.
Publication Year: September 2 – 5, 2016    |    Updated in JTEC: May 16, 2016
5 Ways That A Taste of Judaism® Can Strengthen Your Congregation
Most everyone knows that Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, and a host of other celebrities are interested in Kabbalah, the mystical interpretation that’s part of Jewish tradition. But what about the young man who wants to learn the basics of Judaism because his fiancée is Jewish? Or the longtime seeker who’s curious to explore what draws her to our ancient faith? Or the grandparents whose daughter and son-in-law are raising Jewish kids – something the grandparents know nothing about? A Taste of Judaism® class may fit the bill perfectly – for them and for your congregation.
Publication Year: April 4, 2016    |    Updated in JTEC: April 20, 2016
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